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Bonjour people of Drunk Duck.
Chimon at 4:21PM, Dec. 23, 2010
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Salut everybody. My name is Chimon for those of you who do not have the energy to look a little to the left in order to see my miniature profile. I feel your pain by the way. If anyone is wondering why I say bonjour there are two main reasons. 1. I am Canadian so I know a little bit of french. 2. I picked up the habit from my Grandfather of whom also only greets people in french. So, I joined Drunk Duck after I heard Annika, who I happen to know, had a comic here. I made this account originally for the sole purpose of subscribing to her comic (In All Things), and to spam every page she makes. So far the mission is going well. But eventually (by that I mean little over half an hour of spam later) I felt the urge to create my own comic. Mostly because I saw a personalize button on my profile, but as it turns out it was only for comics, and it said “you must create a comic first”. So naturally I became enraged. When I settled down a little bit, I got to work on planning a comic. I'm still working on the 1st issue though it is almost completed. The series will be loosely based on my life. But don't worry people who I know. I won't be giving personal info. If you have a Drunk Duck profile and appear in my comic that will be your name. If you do not, your name will be replaced with something I find amusing. Like pudding. Also when I say loosely, most of what I turn into a comic will be true and did actually happen. But sometimes I'll have a funny thought or someone will be exeptionally boring and I will be forced to embellish what actually happened. Actually there are only two people that I know outside of the website on Drunk Duck, or atleast I think that's the case, so I'm really just explaining this for the sake of two people, both of which I doubt will ever read this. Anyways, I'm new, bonjour, don't hurt me, etc.
Of all the things I have lost, I miss my mind the least.
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rokulily at 9:32PM, Dec. 26, 2010
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pfff, “don't hurt me”. wimp.

hahaha, okay- so welcome to the duck. you already seem to have a grasp here so i wish you luck on you endeavors and that you have a great time! see ya around!
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