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Calling all CodeMonkeys!
Zwuh at 3:29AM, Sept. 28, 2006
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Freindly neighbourhood Zwuh here, putting out a call to coding type people. Specifically looking for people who are skilled with php, html and the like. Its for a website coding job (and when I say job I mean it will probably be done out of the goodness of your heart - but you never know) involving a listing and zine type service.

I can't say too much here as its still in the planning stage, but if you're interested then either post here or email me with a bit of a sample or spiel about your skillzorz.

Could be pretty cool, and I'm sure there's talented people around this lovely community. :D
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herio at 7:45PM, Oct. 1, 2006
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I know a litte html

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Zwuh at 10:26PM, Oct. 1, 2006
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Cheers helio, but I'm more looking for actual coder types with mucho knowledge. Thanks for the interest though!

Surely there are some hardcore (or vaguely normalcore) coder types hiding around DD… right? RIGHT? :O
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Sam_Charette at 9:42AM, Oct. 3, 2006
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I guess it kinda depends on the extent of the work, really.
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Vaoni at 3:41PM, Oct. 3, 2006
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It's a shame i'm not that great with php at all, otherwise i'd help :/

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paul brian deberry at 10:12PM, Oct. 3, 2006
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I think I could help.

I have mucho knowledge in php, html, xml and I also enjoy long walks… oh wait… that's something else.
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xprimus at 2:50PM, Nov. 3, 2006
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Are you still interested in a coder, I am experienced in php,html,javascript and a whole host of other languages and tehnologies. Money is not a big deal if the project is interesting, so give me a holla.
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