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Comic Artist Looking for a Writer and or Story Developer
Deviant Lynx at 5:32AM, March 26, 2007
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Updation! So says Mr.Wonka…or myself. Anywho, I'm willing to give a shot to three writters and incorporate their pieces into one rubix cube of comic goodness. One for character developement who will design the composition and structure of each persona. The writer who will determine thier fates like puppet strings…an edittor and typist who'll place in the action verbs and written parts (word bubbles). I've gotten a few requests, so here's the deal. Type up a tragic story as a test, there is no limit to the number of words or paragraphs. Test sheet should include a made up title, body, and conclusion that will happen at the very end of the story. Three winners will be selected and notified via PQ or email. I might also ask of mayhaps one artist to join on, I have no problem with collaboration and I'm pretty much excited to get this going. Deadline is April 10th.

Goal finding!!!

Artist: DL (deviant lynx)


Story Writter 1:Subcultured
Story Writter 2:
Story Writter 3:


I'm willing to collaborate with an author and story developer or both to create a comic. I've placed examples of both free hand and coloring with optical mouse, although this art is kinda old and I can't stress this enough that my work has drastically improved over the last year and a half. I am willing to take offers by PQ or email: I am available to work on anyone's schedual if time and deadlines are an issue. Thank you very much for looking into this topic.

Sincerly yours, your deviant lynx.


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reconjsh at 10:18AM, March 26, 2007
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Ukai on Furcadia?
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Generic Human at 1:36PM, March 26, 2007
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your art is incredible. What sort of story are you looking to write? I have this sci fi story in my head that I would love to work on, but I don't want to take on drawing another comic, if you want to do sci fi, I would kill to have your talent drawing it. If not, then that's okay.
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Deviant Lynx at 4:58AM, March 27, 2007
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Ukai on Furcadia?
shhhh don't tell anybody…lol. But yes. I dabble in anywhere art travels.

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kingofsnake at 12:42PM, March 29, 2007
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What kind of comic are you looking to create? I take by your artwork you're looking for something more fantasy based? It's been a little while since I wrote somthing without a comedic intent, so if I'm going to apply for this I'd like to know more of what you're looking for from the project.

I'd rather do both character development and story development, but if I were to choose one it would be character development. The strongest part of my writing is usually my dialogue. The weakest is my third act planning.
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Deviant Lynx at 3:52PM, March 29, 2007
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I can do whatever is really thrown out there, I have no preference to tory genre, so whatever your good at is perfectly fine. I'd like to see a creative fun piece that I can easily see exist and hop into.

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nikki flinn at 10:11AM, April 23, 2007
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Hey! I have a couple Ideas if you can't find any one else, though it looks like you already have plenty. PM me if you decide to.
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Tantz_Aerine at 3:24AM, April 24, 2007
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I have a challenge if you would be interested. It involves world hopping, a blind swordsman and a woman who is destined to defend the world. The story is written out by myself and another author, saturated with angst and drama. I would love it if you PMed me. Your art would do the storyline credit.

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