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Crossbones Fanart Contest Thingy: Have your work published in a book!
DrLuck at 11:02AM, April 21, 2010
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Technically not so much a “contest” as more of an “enter something and it'll get published” sorta thing.

Crossbones will be finished around summertime. That means it will have its own hardcopy available for purchase once completed. Here's the fun part: send us fanart (Crossbones related or not, your choice really, but should at least be ZiBaricon related ) and we'll publish it in the book! Cool, huh?


Here are some basic things your images have to be to get into the book:

ZIBARICON RELATED: Kinda obvious, but it should be related to ZiBaricon since it's a fanart contest.

MUST BE PRINT FRIENDLY: All images must be 300 dpi resolution and be big enough to appear in a 8x10 inch format. If you give me a tiny little 72 dpi image, that will come out pixelated and fuzzy when it prints. Also, make sure you check how big your image is. I've known some people who have worked at 300 dpi, but completely blank on having a canvas space higher than 2 inches each side.

Long story short: 300 DPI, MUST BE BIG ENOUGH TO READ IN A 8X10 INCH FORMAT. We're also cool if you go bigger. We can do a bleed to make a two page splash if you got something landscape format that's big enough.

KEEP IT APPROPRIATE: I probably don't have to tell you guys, but might as well be safe than sorry. Keep your images appropriate. No nudity, no inappropriate themes (Nazis, KKK, you know the drill), or anything like that or I won't put it into the book.

GIVE ME YOUR FULL NAME WITH YOUR SUBMISSION: I'm totally cool with making something on that links your artwork (since that can be updated with new links, unlike a book), but I want your actual name for the artwork in the book. For submitting, you can just PQ me with your submission.

BASICALLY, IF YOU GIVE ME A FINISHED WORK, IT'LL GET IN THE BOOK: I don't expect thousands of submissions, so if you have a completed work of art for the book, it's more than likely going to get in. We'll play it by ear.

DUE DATE: When I post the completed final cover image for Crossbones. You have a few days after I do that (since I need to go back and edit pages/design the book/all that fun stuff), but it should be done by the time Crossbones is fully completed.

I figured I'd give you guys a lot of time to do this. Remember, Crossbones will be finished sometime in the summer (probably mid-summer, so July about), so you have until around then!
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alwinbot at 12:32PM, April 21, 2010
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Best one should get a free book.

(By that I meant mine)
Read this comic. It is the greatest journal comic ever written and drawn. Trust me.
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