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mikeytheblackmantis at 8:38PM, Jan. 17, 2007
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Alright, heres how it goes down.
I made this game a while a ago and abandoned it but I'll give it a try here.

Basically he game goes like this. You are a corporate peon. You work for an intergalactic company called Macrocorp. It makes EVERYTHING. From genetic engineering to simple instant dinner soup this is you home.

Ways to die.

deppression- if your DP points fall below 0 you commit suicide in a graphic way.

postal- if your AP falls below 0, your character will go crazy and deal damage to friends for a total of 3damage to each person. you are probably ececuted straight after

hunger- if HG falls below 0 you disentegrate.

death- if your HP falls below 0 you die in a suitably graphic way.



-sword(3dmg) tazer(2dmg+projectile)
-rim of paper
-coffe mug

paper mancer-

-paper burst(5dmg+projectile)needs one rim of paper
-paper armor (+3 to HP)
-12 rims of paper

thats all i got for now folks.

first chose your character and when i get back we'll start it off.
i'm just making this up as i go
“Artists are just ninjas that can't jump”
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ejg at 8:59PM, Jan. 19, 2007
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so we have to make up a character or what?
I don,t like yugiho! buth I like this.
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mechanical_lullaby at 3:11AM, Jan. 20, 2007
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… There's no instructions! AAAAAaaaaaaauuuuuugghhhhhhh!!!

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Glarg at 6:36AM, Jan. 20, 2007
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Teh Walrus is an eager old space cadet whos shwang is longer then yours.
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