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Doctor Who Quote Game
Glarg at 10:07AM, Dec. 27, 2006
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Alright basically its like the simspons quote game and the other quote games that were made (i dont know if there were, i havent posted in anything but the monthly forum games)

BUT! theres a catch! you dont have to name the episode of where the quote came from, only the character who said it. This can be from the new series or the old one they used to air some time ago in london and made a few movies about and such.

Multiple quotes are allowed.

Unknown User1:“Together we could upgrade the universe”

“Are you proposing an alliance?”

Unknown User2: 1.) Cybermen

and of course single quotes are allowed

Poster1:"Bow Wow Doctor, Bow Wow!"

Poster 2: K9

I believe i should start us off here.

“You haven't won the game yet, Morgaine.”

“I could always defeat you at chess, Merlin.”

“Who said anything about playing chess? I've been playing poker. And I have an Ace up my sleeve…”
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