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kaitoukage at 10:45AM, Sept. 15, 2009
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I'm new to the forums, though I've been posting a comic here for a couple months.

I'm a history graduate student who's sadistic enough to try and do grad school full time, keep a full time job, and also update a webcomic on time.

Anyway, I am a D&D fan, and my comic is partly a shameless attempt to pull other D&D fans into reading. Other than that, I draw for fun when I get time, though between school, work, and comicking, time tends to be a precious resource. Still, I love every chance I get to draw and I plan to keep doing it as long as I can.

Pleased to meet you all and become part of the community.
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Samota at 6:11PM, Sept. 15, 2009
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well hey there nice to meet you have alot on your plate..i give ya props for that^-^
Well i'd love to stay and chat but your a b*tch!:)
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