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Goum no draw, Goum cry river of blood.
Goumranthrandar at 8:17AM, April 24, 2009
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I am a mostly harmless writer/thinker/imagineer looking for a way to express my ideas. I have written a few fanfics, but haven't got anything off the ground. My main idea I have rolling around in my head is set in a world a lot like Urban Arcana (D20 Modern, a modern day Dungeons and Dragons). If you like drawing action, romance, fantasy and a mix of other things; and don't mind doing possible blood or nudity, then please PM me.
Tieflings have no lands to call their own. They make people feel uncomfortable and are generally shunned.

Due to their fiendish heritage, tieflings are a sinister and cunning people, often drawn to the path of a rogue and mercenary work. The majority of tieflings have an evil alignment and do not get along well with most other people.
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