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I'm looking for something to color...
kingofsnake at 8:28AM, Aug. 25, 2008
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I need to flesh out the coloring section on my portfolio some.

If anyone has some nice pencil art I can touch up digitally let me know.

No sequential art please though. I'm looking for a pin-up or a logo or something. I wanna spend an afternoon coloring, not a weekend.

Thanks guys!
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Mina_Lunga at 6:37PM, Sept. 4, 2008
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King of Snake,

Would this file possibly work for you?

It's not pencil, since I doodle with a pen, but I thought that this drawing might be something that you would have fun coloring. I've often thought of coloring it myself, but my computer coloring is pretty pathetic.

Anyway, good luck getting stuff to color!

-Mina Lunga
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Sid The Merc at 7:02PM, Sept. 4, 2008
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Mercs! We're actually lookin' for a colorist!

You can do all the hundred original pages in a weekend. Our pages were very small?

But I think that's TOO big a project isn't it? Oh well. At least I tried.

I got one actually!

Maybe you can add in Sid's missing arm.
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kingofsnake at 11:55AM, Sept. 8, 2008
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No one responded to this so i ended up coloring this for the guy that does Eskimo Dave.

I should've withdrawn the request, but no one had replied in so long I figured it would just vanish.

Ummm… I might still color one of you guys' pieces. I dunno. It depends on how much time I have. I'm sorta juggling like five comics right now. Plus I have an original Lupin the 3rd peice of fan art I need to color.

I AM on vacation this week though so I'm not ruling it out. If I do color something I'll post a link here, and PQ you too.

Thanks for responding!
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