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It looks like it's Guest Art time.
videowizard2007 at 2:42AM, Dec. 1, 2006
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Well, it looks as though I may not be updating for a while. You see, my grandfather passed away, and it's come time to do some “soul searching”. Unfortunately, this also means that I won't be working on the comic for a while, possibly a week or longer. So, I'm going to need some Guest Art to keep Dragon Kingdoms from sinking like the Titanic into the icy North Atlantic Ocean. Without it, updates will run out this coming week.

From left to right, that's William, Corry, Thomas, Joshua, Akahr, Nigel, Kevin, and Stefan. The cloud with the crown is King Winter. All but William and King Winter are human-sized, with those two being MUCH bigger than the others.

Also, I will reward whoever submits this guest art to me, be it through an appearance IN the comic, or some guest art for your comic in the future.

One youth is stuck behind the shadow of his brother, and the king, his father, refuses to recognize his troubles. How will he rise above his brother, who is destined for greatness?
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