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Looking for Color and Flatting Experience
spearcarrier at 5:15PM, Oct. 1, 2009
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Hi guys. I'm the artist for Akashik ( You might have seen me in such movies as That Stupid Cat, Jaded in Jacksonville, or Make Something Up Here. *sparkle sparkle*

As strange as it sounds, I'm here to talk to you about experience. Work experience.

I want some. GIMME!

Here's the deal. Yes I'm a … uh… sorta … uh … pro … sorta … kind of … only a little … but I've decided that my portfolio is lacking. I want some flatting experience. I've been practicing some of the skills on and off here and there with my own comic, but you guys gotta admit that prospective paying employers want you to flat OTHER people's work and show THAT off. Gosh darn that credit card type situation. -_-

Some of you out there might have comics that you'd like to add some color to.

I want experience so I can get a job to pay my bills. You want color. I'm sure we can work together on this.

So what I'm proposing is if folks are willing to let me color about five of their comic pages, I'd thank you profusely for allowing me to be your slave and we'll both be happy. Is good; yes? No?

Oh. And I'd like some dynamic coloring experience, too. But not as much as I would flatting.

Please PM me if you're interested. I'll … uh … make a note here if I get swamped with too many offers.

Thanks for your time!
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