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Looking for temp artists!!
Oestaira at 6:43PM, July 1, 2006
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This is a bit of a strange request, but bare with me.
This project is further down the line, but I'd like to get it done before it's crunch time. Within about twenty pages or so on one of my comics there will be an informative portion that will include ‘art’ from various sources (to quote the comic ‘tapestries, paintings, wall scrawlings’). I can't give too much information in forums since there may be people who don't want the spoiler.
Basically, I'm looking for people who have different styles from my own to represent the different forms of art which these pictures were derived from as far as the story line goes. I only need about a total of 20 seperate pieces, all of them very simple, and I need at least 4 different styles/artists. If you are interested, either pm me or email me at for more information.
Your style doesn't have to be anything like mine, in fact, I prefer that it isn't, but that doesn't mean that if you draw anime you're excluded since my style isn't quite conventional anime. You'll be given full credit and kudos. To see the comic I'm talking about, go here: It's a bit rough looking at the moment, but will improve and most likely be in color by the time the aforementioned scene is uploaded.
I found out the reason why I couldn't unserstand what it meant…the ActiveX box where the featured comics show up on the main site doesn't work on this comp…lol so I've never seen it. Was always wondering what that blank box was for….
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stardusty at 11:12PM, July 1, 2006
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Well maybe I could help. I'd really need to know more specifics of what I'd be drawing. I have two comics with two different styles.
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