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kingofsnake at 8:57PM, Nov. 13, 2006
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Children at Play is running it's first contest ever. It isn't officially supposed to be announced for another 17 minutes or so, but I want to go to sleep.

It's a Cameo Contest simply submit a picture of yourself (to subject “contrest entry” ) dressed in a style that best befits you and you could win the opportunity to have a character based on you that becomes a permanent part of the Children at Play student body. You'll be seen in the background, in class, at parties, etc.

I always felt that the characters I draw based on real people are far better than the characters I just invent off the top of my head. People have their own styles and nothing reflects a college campus better than varying styles. You'll be drawn in the same outfit in your picture, and your entry will be judged on personal style. If you're busting out just tshirt and jeans you might not make it, but if you're in full goth garb complete with pants with the extra buckles and a cape, you might not make it either. The point is to look like you like to look like.

In addition to becoming a permanent part of the universe the winner will receive a high resolution model sheet, inked and colored and a close up profile picture, like our main characters receive!

(I know I've seen a contest posted hear in the past. Feel free to yell at me and lock/move this baby just tell me the place it should go if you do.)
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