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fourobs at 6:38AM, June 17, 2008
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Looking for:

Action superhero artist
can update whole printer paper sized paper 2 times a week or more
can get dedicated
Someone to help me in a comic about a bunch of superheros fighting crime and all that superhero stuff…

Haven't thought it all the way through but this is what I have so far…

The story is about 7 superheros

GORILLA MAN- The brains of the team can turn into a gorilla wears glasses has a buttoned shirt lot of hair big beard when person form and while gorilla closed really ripped up.

Psycho- A crazy person killer not a talker most people are scared of him the team usually doesn't talk to him and he doesn't care what they think

Beth- A woman superhero who can call upon the dead turn invisible make spells use dark magic some of her powers are unclear.

manafeshto- An escape arist and magic artist influenced by houdini looks like houdini and talks about houdini a lot.

atil- Atil is the weapons man he's always in his lab making bombs guns knives etc.
always carys around grenades and bullets and guns (even though he's not good with shooting or using the weapons he's very good at making them).

calla- Teleportation much things are unclear about him.

Robertson- Everyone calls him by his full name. He can go back in time or go to the future.

those are my characters if you want too here all the story say you want to assist me all look at your stuff and I'll see if we can partner up!
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