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Night Shift writer looking for Artist
JRarts at 6:18PM, Jan. 25, 2008
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Hello, I am the writer and artist of the webcomic The Night Shift and am looking to possibly bring in a new artist to both hopefully give the comic the look it deserves and the attention and update schedule I try and fail to often provide. I will admit very openly I have no skills what so ever when it comes to doing artwork on the computer and the past MS Paint Night Shift comics should be proof of that. So I ask you all, if you are a fan of the Night Shift or see some potential you would like to help come to fruition please send me a PQ and lets see if we can get people interested in this comic again.
I don't really care what your style is and I have no great or inconcievable demands, I just ask that your art live up to the low standard I began or (and hopefully) exceeds it.
Thanks, James.
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