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Project:Pokemon Wasteland. I NEED A SPRITE ARTIST! Yes, not a drawer, or a drawing pad person, but someone with paint! Need to be good with sprite sheets.
Mettaur at 6:46PM, Feb. 17, 2011
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I will be having large, overhead views of the various towns in the pokemon games. The houses, charred ruined, boarded up with vegetation taking them over, or the towns flooded, or covered in radioactive sludge..a more realistic version of the pokemon universe.

I want the towns either destroyed and the cause of their ruin apparent, bodies everywhere, maybe some signs of the last stand or where the threat first came from.

Another thing I need is a town in the middle of an attack, maybe from police suppressing the people(as it's really the only thing they can do), maybe rival gangs and terrorist organizations decide to ransack farming communities(team rocket, galactic, whatever…), maybe the pokemon have gone rouge, or those wild pokemon in the grass get hungry enough..anyways, it would feature the attackers killing or being repelled, and all the able characters you see in the town trying to attack or defend with some weak, impromptu weaponry.

And then comes the town safe, for now. It would feature evidence of a former battle(maybe with the bodies of people and pokemon alike still lying around, waiting to be disposed of), with the town militia patrolling the area, maybe at the second floor of a roofless, ruined building as a sniper watching over the place(with a pokemon that could shoot, probably), bandages and such on survivors and wounded lying around with the dead.

A very depressing project now that I look at it, but also artistic and sadly beautiful, if done right it could tell a magnificent story. So, who is with me?
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