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Recruiting - Sorry
SansTalent at 9:12AM, Oct. 9, 2009
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First the sorry. I am not actually sure if this topic should be here. It didn't seem like it could fit anywhere else, or at least not so much. If you have been entrusted with the power to move threads, and can think of a better home for this one, please go ahead.

Now the recruiting. I am a natural writer, when an idea enters into my brain it just nests there and grows, and suddenly I'm stuck with a lot of characters, their past, their future, their adventures, etc. 3 long, epic stories and 2 short ones, as of today. I'd like to make at least two of the long ones into comics, but I cannot draw for the life of me. So I was thinking, can there be no one who is a wonderful artist, but cannot make up a decent story? Or maybe they can, but won't take the time for it and/or just want to be nice to a new guy? I certainly hope there are, and this is the Internet after all. I'll be extremely surprised the day something cannot be found here.
Thus I am looking for that special somebody who can turn these visions into bunches of pixels. The first story I want to make is fantasy-oriented, dealing with travel between dimensions and thus very different places and cultures. None of that “same face different person” stuff, though. It has two main archs and an epilogue. I tend to like the mangaesque style but hey, whatever works works.

So there's that, if you want to be the artist to this author, leave a message here. I'm not going anywhere, really.
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Custard Trout at 7:59PM, Oct. 9, 2009
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Well now it's in the right place and I've worked out all the unnecessary bile, there is some useful advice: first of all, try to either use less words or split up the paragraphs more, even if it's not really grammatically correct. It sounds harsh, but most people won't be bothered to read a wall of text.

Second: You need to elaborate more. Telling us ‘I have a story, it’s good' is not nearly enough to draw people in. You need at least a bit of script. It not only let's artists know what they're getting into, but also shows off the skills you claim to possess and shows that you won't be making shit up as you go along. A more creative thread title might help with that, but not much you can do about that. Although people might be interested in finding out what it is you're sorry about. You might want to remove that now it's been moved.

Third: After all that yelling and you making me feel bad by being perfectly civil about it, DrunkDuck isn't really the best place for this. Most artists on here are already working on there own projects. You might want to try a more dedicated art site? I'm not really sure where you could try. I've heard artist forums can be really snotty about it, though.

Fourth: There's a delete button on the grey bar on top of everyone's posts. Delete should only turn up on your own posts though, obviously. You can't move posts, that's mods and admins only. And I'm not sure about the mods since I never see them doing anything.
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skoolmunkee at 2:24AM, Oct. 10, 2009
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Did some cleanup. I don't think 6 replies of ‘you’re in the wrong forum' after it had already been moved would have helped anyone's cause. :]
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