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Rydel6 at 12:36AM, July 15, 2007
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I went on a 3 month hiatus and I wanted to make sure everyone knew I'm back!

Catch up with the story!

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maritalbliss at 12:56AM, July 15, 2007
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Welcome back! It's so hard to stay away from Drunk Duck (merciless cad that he is.)
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Cthulhu at 5:02AM, July 15, 2007
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You may leave… But you can't stay away forever.

It's like it sucks you back in…
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SilverWordz at 7:35AM, July 15, 2007
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Welcome back!
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ZeroVX at 12:44PM, July 15, 2007
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You think you can escape, but you cannot!

Welcome back!
“If our own government was responsible for the deaths of almost 100,000 people…..would you really wanna know?”

V for Vendetta, V.
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