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Sonic T. Hedgehog RPG...or something like that.
diana_m at 2:54PM, March 5, 2008
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Okay,so today I was thinking:
“Man,I love creating Sonic style characters.They look so cool.I'd be awsome if there was a Sonic rpg or simulator.I could do a Sonic sprite comic.Nah.Sprites are hard to make.And I screw up a lot with Sonic sprites.Plus,it wouldn't be as fun if I was the only one creating the characters…

So there.
Basically i'm gonna do a comic that is also a rpg AND a simulator.
It goes like this:
-You send your character's sprite sheet with various information about him\her.
-When your character appers in the comic I will give you various choices.
-You will PQ me with your choice.
-If it is a battle you might win and recieve EXP.Points.
-If you get enough Exp.P. you will level up.
-When you level up you get stat upgrades and you also unlock bonus equipment.
-When you unlock things,level up and get experience points you will get a mensage.
-If you lose,you will get injured,sent to the hospital and you wont appear for a while.
-You can PQ asking to appear if you think you waited for too long.You can also help with the plot.
-If I want to do something with your character i will PQ you asking for your permission.
-The simulator part simulates every day situations and depending on your choice good things (or bad things)could happen.
-I will make special events .(By special I mean diferent from usual.)

I will only acept characters who follow this example:

Name:Blablah Blah Blaha(First,middle and last name)
Age:23(12 or higher)
Atacks:Supah Mega Anime Ultra Canion-25 «-attack points
Hiper clichéd kick-20
Vewy cute puppy luv atack :D-5
(You get fifty points)
(you get 100 points for BOTH)
Species:Any animal or animal based thing will do.
Sub-species:See below for more information.
Personality:Write his\her personality information here.
Abilities:Out of battle abilities.

And of course you have to send a sprite sheet.
It doesnt need to be good or complete.
I can fix some things up and make some extra sprites.

+More battle stuff+

Attack and Mana-
-Each attack power is defined by this equation:
(AP)-Attack points
(AT)-Attack power

Or AP=APxA:5

Each attack uses mana and the quantity of mana is half its attack points.
Once you run out of mana it's an automatic ‘Bye-Bye Battle,Hello Hospital.’


Mobian: A normal mobian.Common species-Hedgehogs.(by common I dont mean exclusise.)
Sub-specie boost:Speed.Mobians always attack first.

Dragonian:A ancient race of warriors.Common species-Dragons and wolves.
Sub-specie boost:Abilities.Dragonians learn abilities faster.

Valtos:A race of rogues.(You dont need to be a valtos to be a rogue)Common species-Foxes and reptiles.
Sub-specie boost:Accuraty.Valtos never miss.

Kraft-leverne:a race that originated in Sweeden and trains for power.Common Species-Various mammals.
Sub-specie boost:Strength.They get +10 Attack

Neo-Chaos-A race that seeks the Neo-emeralds.Common species-Felines
Sub-specie boost:All-rounder.They get +5 Mana and +5 Attack

After you reach a certain level you get to choose a classe.Depending on your sub-species and abilities.

Sub-S. | Mobian | Dragonian | Valtos | Kraft | Neo |
Class | | | | | |
Mage | Yes | Yes | No | No | Yes |
Warrior | Yes | Yes | No | Yes | No |
Rogue | Yes | No | Yes | No | Yes |
Fisher | No | No | Yes | Yes | Yes |
Paladin | No | Yes | No | No | No |
Neo Cleric| No | No | No | No | Yes |
Berserker | No | No | No | Yes | No |
Emerlarder| Yes | No | No | No | No |
Ranger | No | No | Yes | No | No |
Thief | Yes | Yes | Yes | Yes | Yes |
Knight | Yes | Yes | Yes | Yes | Yes |
Skinwalker| Yes | Yes | Yes | Yes | Yes |

Class Information shall be give when the time is right.
There are also class levels but that depends on various things.

Depending on various things you will have diferent titles.
Heres Some of them.

Begginer |When you start the game. |
***** Killer |When you kill a vicious monster |
(class name) |When you choose a Class |
Master |When you become the leader of a region|
Chief |When you become the leader of a Group |

And thats it .
If you have any questions…


P.S.-Sonic advance sprites please.If you dont have advance Characters I can try converting them to the right type.
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masterkey at 4:13PM, March 5, 2008
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This sounds quite awesome, indeed. I wish to participate in this lovely adventure, but I have no access to any sprites! Is there a place I could find and use one for such an adventure like this? ‘specially for a picky person lil me? If you could keep a spot open for me, just in case, I’d be delighted.

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diana_m at 6:12AM, March 6, 2008
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Well,you can give some info and I'll make you some sprites or you could go to, Advance sprites,the GBA ones and not the Genesis sprites.
And don't forget the character page.

Oooooooooookay. Nobodys registered so far.So…PLEASE REGISTER.
./\_/\ I'm a wolf.
/.o.o\ I ate the bunny.
\..o../ It was tasty.

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leaderofstars at 1:39AM, March 10, 2008
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yeah… umm… no way jose
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