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Still in need of an artist for a Pirate comic!
Commander_Chaos at 10:57AM, Feb. 26, 2007
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I have a serious Pirate - themed comic partially worked out and I havnae the time nor skill to draw it, so I'm looking for someone who wants in. It'll be hosted here on DD so its obviously not for monetary profit, (would be nice lol, {unlikely though}), and the title is Dead Men Tell No Tales. I have a couple sketches of characters that are designs I'd like to keep, but you can adapt them. The way I'm wanting to do this is to put a couple of them up here, and if you want to be the artist, draw your own versions of these characters. The ones me and Black Emerald like best will be contacted. Thanks very much to anyone and everyone who decides to help us out - we have an awesome story planned but neither of us can draw it and it seems like such a shame not to go on.

This fist one is the Bosun. His hat went a bit wrong, I was trying to draw Davy Jones' hat lol cos I love the style.

This is the main character's best friend.

Alastair Sedge, best sword hand in the world - or he thinks he is.

James Cooke - Captain of the Plucky Swallow.

These are the only four designs I don't want changed much as I kinda like ‘em this way. Full list of primary characters available on request.

Arrrrrrr matey ’n all that!

P.S. First response was Zac, who is too busy with other projects, so the search still continues…
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Commander_Chaos at 12:26PM, Feb. 27, 2007
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I thought it might perhaps help if I were to post a taster of script, just in case the story itself snags an artist, but to be honest I have all but given up hope with regards to an artist - I'll still look at attempts and respond to emails etc, but don't be disheartened if I sound bitter lol!

Dead Men Tell No Tales:
Chapter 1: The Bosun's Charge

Page 1
Jake (voice): Tortuga. It's during the day that you really start to hate this place.
Drunks are asleep, not laughing. Doors are closed, not open.
Bodies are dead, not alive.

I came here from England on a trading ship. The journey was hard.
But life here is harder. When they found me on the shore I was 17.
I was a quivering wreck. Ironic.

I was taken in, for some reason, by the barman. Cliche I know, but it
happened all the same. I moved about Tortuga for a bit, been on a
few ships as well, but I always seem to end up back here.

Back with the-

Customer: RUM! (slamming tankard on table)

Jake (offscreen): Thats how I came to meet him…
(next image, text overlaying the character) Vladimir.
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Commander_Chaos at 2:50AM, March 3, 2007
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Just a bump to try and get a response.
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Commander_Chaos at 9:58AM, March 4, 2007
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Forget it. Obviously no one is in fact interested. I'll draw the first chapter by myself then maybe I'll look for another artist again. If anyone reads this and still wants to try out, PQ me.
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subcultured at 12:08PM, March 4, 2007
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i think you're capable of drawing this story, i've seen some of you art. most artists don't uaually like to do other people's story, becuase they feel like they have no input.

that's why i like to work by myself. just something about controlling every facet of your product.
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Commander_Chaos at 12:11PM, March 5, 2007
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Thx very much - I tend to suck at backgrounds though, could be a bit of a problem. I am in fact going to draw the comic, but I have no way at all of colouring it worth a damn. If anyone fancies the job of colourist for our little Pirate project, PQ me.
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Tommie Kelly at 7:28AM, March 7, 2007
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I'd love to do a Pirate comic, but i just don't have the time at the mo. Hope you get someone soon tho!
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