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SUBMIT Comics, Artwork, Poetry, Spoken Word to HELLO WORLD ZINE !!!
Jasorka at 8:10AM, June 29, 2008
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Calling all creators!

Are you in to classic underground or just the over-all goodness of old skool zines?! Well, are you a creator?? Do you create comics, poetry or spoken word and just have something to say or to show the world?

Well, you're going to want to be a part of the first yearly issue of HELLO WORLD.
A black & white zine (magazine) celebrating the creative human spirit and the gift of creativity that's in everyone!
Sound great? Well, it is! Hello World is planned to be printed in complete black and white goodness with classic newsprint interior pages at a minimum of 32 pages in length!

Everything must be reproducable: that means have it INKED! : )
Keep comic stories or strips at MAXIMUM length of 4 pages – this could be any genre!
Pin-Ups are WELCOME.
Poetry is suggested to be hand written (in ink) or have accompanying artwork (afterall, it is a visual magazine!)

As we said it's 8x10.5 Black and white, black and white cover. 32 pages tentatively – crammed with goodness!

Please send the smallest (in file size) and legible files to us electronically to:
The Deadline for submissions is August 1st!

Your submission may not be accepted right away or at all. If it does get accepted, you will be contacted and asked to send printable versions of your files and a dollar per book you wish to purchase via money order.(I told ya we were old skool)

Why pay for your issues? This money will go towards printing and will allow you to turn around and make more than 200%(if you wish too) profit from! Think about it: this is a 32 page book at minimum filled with artwork… you could easily sell it and distribute it any way you would like at 3.00$ a pop!
Plus this book will have NO ADS.. the artwork will serve as your publicity and a creator contacts index page will be made in the back for further publicity!

We're expecting the Print Date (sent to the printer) to be on or about Sept 1st 2008

You may view the cover to Hello World here:

This is a great way to get yourself out there and to work on distribution yourselves! –
We look forward to seeing you in HELLO WORLD and the world looks forward to seeing you! : )

All the best,
Mike Jasorka
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