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Superheroes!! submission guidelines
sobergoose at 1:09PM, June 7, 2007
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Well, hello! I wasn't quite sure where I'd be putting this type of post up, but this category seems to work. I recently started a comic here on DD entitled “Superheroes!” (Okay, DD won't let me put in an exclamation mark, but whatever.) The way it works is:

1) Someone private quacks me with an idea for a superhero. It should be random and goofy and honestly, not all that beneficial to mankind. Think something like, “the man who has complete mental control over air conditioners.” Or, “A superhero who can shoot lasers out of his/her belly button.” Or, “A superhero which is the object of sexual attraction for all farm animals.” Goofy stuff like that.

2) The submitter includes his/her name and/or where he/she is from, just for kicks. But hey, if he/she doesn't want to, that's cool- I'll just use his/her DD identity.

3) I pick from the submissions I get, and I draw your superhero in action! Typically, with hilarious (and generally inappropriate) results! I give you credit for your great idea, too, so don't worry.

I ran this comic in a school newspaper last year, but I've been itching to bring it to an online community of comic people like Drunk Duck. So, go ahead! Start submitting! There are a few sample comics up on the page now, so you can take a look here!

Thanks again!
J. Newman
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sobergoose at 10:04AM, June 8, 2007
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bumping this post up a bit- I need some submissions in order to get this comic rolling!
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cresc at 7:56AM, June 11, 2007
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How about Can-Opener Man
Lord Indecisive
Stern Man
Commander Brusque
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Hero at 3:14PM, June 11, 2007
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Howsabout C4 who has the amazing abillity to explode…..once….and then he's kinda dead.

Or, Cowstounge, who has the amazing abillity to talk to cows. Not to hear cows, not to convince them to do anything, just talk to them.

Or Bleach Blanket, who has the power to turn ordinary clothing pale.

Or the Irritated Eye, who has the power of heatvision, but is hurt when giant streams of fire fly out of his eyes.
K.A.L.A-Dan: Rival!
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marine at 5:26PM, June 11, 2007
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Forget it, don't use anything of mine.
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sobergoose at 8:28PM, June 11, 2007
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Oh, wow, all these are great. However, I'm not too huge on the forum scene, so would everyone please send their submissions as private quacks? I want to try to keep it all organized.
Thanks again for your submissions- keep 'em coming, and you may be pleasantly surprised!
J. Newman
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