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The Gigacst:Webcomic Resolutions Wanted!
JTPokie at 5:22AM, Dec. 28, 2005
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WebComic New Years Resolutions needed/wanted!

Record your Web Comic related New Years Resolutions in mp3 or wav format, and send them to us! We'll play the best on Next weeks Gigcast! It's a great way to get you webcomic noticed! The Gigcast has Hundreds of listeners each week. All Who send in a resolution will have their comic linked on our cast notes page even if we don't play yours on the show.

Send them to !


Oh and Gigcast #18 is posted! John Aggs of is interviewed!

What's Your Gig?

The Gigcast
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Anonymous at 7:56PM, Dec. 29, 2005
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Hmm, I know john aggs. He used to go to some website where he would do “fight clubs” with other people. I for got what the name of the last fc he did but it was nice. I haven't spoken to him in a whille though. I can't wait untill the interview.
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