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Wanted: Monsters for Monster Lover
Dumok at 10:06AM, March 6, 2007
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I have a few monsters in my mind for the comic to fight, etc. however I would like to involve anyone here if they have a Monster in mind for the main characters to interact with.
Here are some guidelines:
It can be a monster from Mythology or D+D/Warhammer etc. But they cannot be from an already established Pet Monster Manga, Anime. (Like Pokemon, Digimon, etc.)
Please list the name of the Monster, Species, Level of intelligence (The terms I will be using are “Sapes” which are Monsters as Smart as we are (+/-) and Ferals (Those with Anmial instincts but they are Not “Smart” like us) and any powers if may have. Keep in mind you WILL get credit and Me Plugging your webcomic. But also remember It's an adult webcomic.
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