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Warped Coloring Contest
hpkomic at 8:48PM, Feb. 26, 2006
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Here's the deal, I'm planning on pitching Warped to a few comic publishers, as part of my pitch, I want to have a full, printed issue that is roughly what the final product of what each issue would be.

My ideal schedual would be to release a comic every month, around 25 pages. What I want, is someone who can help me color the pages.

However that's not until later. For now I want to see if anyone has a fairly nice coloring style that can mesh with my artwork.

So here is the contest:

Color the panel, however you want but try to keep the colors consistant, the only true deviations would be in shading and lighting. Try as much as you'd like, with different styles. I have not decided how I will pick a “winner” (from a technical standpoint, there's no real winner)and that person will recieve twenty bucks and assist me with coloring the first issue for the pitch.

If the series IS picked up, then I'll likely ask you to help me create each issue of the comic.

So, let's begin shall we?

This is the file you'll use to color:

And this is a color key with my style of shading:

Have fun.
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Generic Human at 8:21PM, March 15, 2006
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I don't know if you're still doing this…but I coloured it in because I'm cool like that. Your lines are so very very clean, by the way.
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Enef at 12:01AM, March 16, 2006
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I missed this, are you still doing it HPK?

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ccs1989 at 3:22PM, March 16, 2006
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If I were you, HPK, I'd go with just shading it with grey. Various indie publishers probably don't have the kind of cash to spend on printing up a full color issue from a new creator. However they probably DO have the money to do it in B&W…

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Cookie at 5:08PM, March 16, 2006
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Aw, I didn't see this before. Darn.
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hpkomic at 6:38PM, March 16, 2006
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CCS: That's what I've been doing, if you look at the sample, I colored it in grey and wished for people to use the same abse tones. I'm just looking for a shading style to mesh well with my art, and to see if anyone “gets” the colored line art thing so far… which nobody has.

It's still open, I'm just looking for someone to get the colored lineart idea right, and come up with a shading style which suits my art work.
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