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Zwuh at 2:05AM, May 22, 2006
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To those who are new: Welcome! To those who already bum around here: Get me a sandwich. This forum serves two immediate purposes:

  1. A place for creative people to link up and find people to work with. Artists and writers looking for partners in crime, designers looking for people who need websites for their work (or the reverse), tall people looking for midgets to use as drink stands, etc. AND…

    A forum for all manner of community projects. Comic jams, fusion comics, organising your own collectives, etc. This is the best place to get involved in the DD community in a creative way.
    I really think that this forum has great potential to be on of the more active and fun on the site, so get cracking! Anyone is free to start their own project, or you can join in one that is already moving along.

    I'll update this later with some FRIENDLY AWESOME COOL TIPS on doing different projects. Get communitizing!

    If anyone has any ideas, suggestions, questions or anything about this forum then post them in this thread. We love input!
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