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Why, hello there! Care for a mint julep?
sobergoose at 3:47PM, June 5, 2007
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Good even' to all y'all out there in this cold, empty pile of binary we out herrr in Texas call the interwebbin'. I'm Colonel Hutch of the fourteenth militia, remindin' all y'alls out there to keep yer injun slaves on a taaaaiiiiigggghhhht leash. Cause if y'all don't, see, I reckon' y'all maight be a-dealin' with a huge heapin' helpin' of emancipation pie.

My good buddy and pal J. Newman has recently started a web-inter-electro-magnetic comic thing with the things he puts on the paper showin' up on the fancy electrons in y'alls cahhhm-peeyooo–tuuhhh screens. He told me that his comic runs solely on user submissions and therefore, vis-a-vis, ipso facto, consequently, et. al, he needs all y'alls to write him with that “private quack” deeeeevice. In case all y'alls searchin' function is malfunctionin' like an injun with whoopin' cough, here's a line of blue underlined text y'all can start a clickin'.

Anydangaway, give it the ol' lookovuh.

Yours most sinceruhileee,
Colonel Hutch

**Best read in thick Southern accent- think Foghorn Leghorn–> **
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Cthulhu at 3:55PM, June 5, 2007
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Sobergoose… YOU ARE THE ENEMY!!!
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maritalbliss at 4:31PM, June 5, 2007
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Leghorn is really more a southeasterly accent; as is the julep consumption…Lynn from Dallas here…Welcome to Drunk Duck!
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D0m at 3:52AM, June 6, 2007
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Wow, reading that post was very interesting. o_o;

Anyway, nice comic, too.

And welcome! Stay active, and let us hear from you!

Nadya- a tale about what happens to SOME of us when we die.

Currently: Nadya is awake and asking more relevant questions.
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