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Would anybody be willing to take a crack at my scripts? Willing to have many artists on this
shastab24 at 2:22PM, Aug. 30, 2010
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I have several comic scripts I would like to see drawn, but I have no artistic ability. Considering this, I want to turn to the larger Drunk Duck community and see who is willing to draw anything. Considering I know people have other things they need to do, I understand that people may not be able to commit to a full script. I am fine with that and will welcome an artist who can only do one page, and only the pencils. I'm sure I can find an inker and, if need be, I can color it myself (though I know I'm not great at that, either).

Scripts are divided into categories:

The first batch are for The Broken, a story set in the Pride High universe, and were originally stories posted on those message boards. The characters in the stories are mine for the most part, though the universe is not. The scripts can be found here. Any script can be worked on at any time, as I am experimenting with a different way of posting up comics. Also, I do have another script which is not online, as I want it up as a comic first.

My second batch are for a comic I am going to call Karabear Comics Unlimited (Karabear Comics being the name of my comic “company” ). This would involve superheroes in my own universes, but an anthology type of setup, so no one character or universe is likely to take center stage. I might even put in some characters for consideration in the Heroes Unite/Heroes Alliance universe here, but I'm not sure yet.

Lastly, I have comics which would not appear on Drunk Duck, but which would be sold on IndyPlanet. These would tie into the comics above, but be firmly planted in a central universe, and I would hope to extend their run for quite a ways. As well, these would be better to have artists able to commit to full issues, as it would be easier to split money made if there are not too many contributors.

What you need to know if you are interested in these stories is that they are all superhero comics, and also that I often have LGBT themes (particularly transgender). I am fine with any art style (American, manga, photo, CG, etc.), and would be interested to see how people might interpret my characters.
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