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Writer looking for artists (and, in at least one aspect, another writer)
shastab24 at 12:04AM, May 26, 2011
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I have several comic scripts which I would like to have drawn, which would be put up on IndyPlanet with the profits split with the artist 50/50. Though these comics are part of a superhero universe, they are varied enough to have a few different styles involved. However, my stories do tend to deal with gay and transgender issues (not in an adult manner, but rather because I have gay, lesbian, bisexual, transgender, and intersex characters, though I do have straight cisgender characters, as well and scripts that just focus on them).

As well, I have three community projects on Drunk Duck: The Broken, a community art project (I wrote all the scripts) following a transgender student and her friend/boyfriend through their freshman year at a superhero high school (set in the Pride High universe); Karabear Comics Unlimited, another community art project, but a bit more open and with stories which could be put up on IndyPlanet–it's an anthology, but superhero-oriented; and Trans Dimensional Trans Superheroes, which is envisioned as a full community project, centered around a team of multi-dimensional transgender and intersex superheroes (sort of a Heroes Unite/Alliance but not limited to only one universe, and with trans characters)–this one would of course need artists, but writers and people contributing their own characters is important, as I would want this one to move beyond just my vision (though I would be writing the first issue).

Thirdly, I have a script for a Heroes Alliance story which I need broken into pages and panels (I don't generally do this with my scripts, so I do need help, as this would make it easier to divvy out the pages to the artists in the project). Artists are fine, too, but the script breakdown is currently a very important aspect.
Edited to add: The script breakdowns have been done. Now I just need artists. I only expect any person interested to contribute a page.

Art styles requested: any. Well, not sprites (unless you can make completely original sprites) or stick figures (unless you have epically awesome stick figures). While I will try to give scripts which appeal to your style, I believe that a good artist makes a comic work in their style.

This means I am taking Western traditional, manga, DC Animated Universe style, EC horror style (in fact I have a script which could use this style), realism, 90s-style, photo comics (if feasible, as I know it takes a lot of networking and time), CG comics, and so on.

If anybody is willing to be a long-term artist for me, doing many issues, I would, of course, love that. However, I take each artist at the idea that they are only willing to do one issue. I may ask if they can do more than one, or send them more than one script (for better ability to pick which works for them), but I will not expect more (even when an artist pledges that they will do more–life often gets in the way).

However, for the ones who do express a more extended involvement, I also have some stories which I would love to hand off to more capable and motivated storytellers. This is a line of comics that I'm creating, and it helps free up time and help refine the focus if I do it this way (and I know there are stories out there which others have and I haven't thought of). All I would ask in such circumstances is that I act as editor, just to make sure that the characters don't veer wildly out of character, and nothing contradicts any story elements I either have planned or have put in place (I'd hope that's a reasonable request, as they remain my characters).
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