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WurrD at 9:02AM, Sept. 7, 2009
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Ok I have an idea of doing a webcomic series based around a run down council housing scheme. Dealing with drugs, sex, violence and a whole other amount of horrible everyday stuff, that i have grown up around. This will be a real venting tool for me to get some of the ideas I have out there.

The whole series will be a metaphor. told from the perspective of a Pigeon living around the estate.

here are my notes…


Set in a run down housing scheme. The locals go about their everyday lives of soap bar, alcoholism, smack, and violence. As the whole scene is narrated from the mind of a nearby group of pigeons, nesting atop one of the tower blocks.

Show comparisons to the scavenging ugly pigeon to that of the need and desperate lifestyle the characters themselves, live out.

The lengths both bird and human will go to, to obtain what they desire be it drugs, love, or money. Same way the pigeon seeks food.

The neglect shown to offspring the same way a bird will leave its young will it searches for food.

The horrible and urban accomodation both the pigeons and the characters live within.

I got all this from a discussion at college about how no body likes pigeons lol.

yeah I probably think too much.

Anyway my plan is to have each issue drawn by a different artist. Thats my goal anyway. Because each issue will have its own set of characters i'd like to have people from all range of styles and influences interprate my script in their own way. To create a very diverse series. My idea that everyone views things differently, everyone looks at peoples situations in a different light.

So it could be a very creative experience :)

any interested parties, PQ me with a link to some of your artwork. or you can email it to me:

thank you

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richy28 at 8:32PM, Sept. 27, 2009
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Hey, I would be interested but i don't work for free. I charge a reasonable price though. $10 penciled, and another $10 for inks and another $10 for colors. Check out my gallery at
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