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Writer seeks artist/colourist, or an artist and a colourist, for a project.
Commander_Chaos at 8:35AM, May 23, 2011
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The project's name is Dead Men Tell No Tales. It's a piratical, fantasy adventure story. Set in the real world but delving into old nautical legends and even ancient mythology for stories.

I'll be writing the script and planning out the story, along with a good friend of mine, but as a part of this project you'd have some input in the story and the characters etcetera, you'd help us in more than just drawing and colouring!

We will be needing someone who is willing to take on a challenge - drawing ships from the era of the pirates is not easy, and we want the people to look at least semi-realistic. Manga and western art styles are both acceptable.

If you're interested contact me using my DD account and I'll provide you with my email address so we can hash this out.

I look forward to hearing from someone soon.
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