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Garkudion at 4:55PM, Feb. 5, 2007
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Hi! My name is Larc and I'm the creator of “ Even Goblins Wear Tight Pants.” Finally, I can get my comic up! I've tried so many sites..all of which required some crazy confusing FTP uploader thing to get the pages on the web..and if that wasn't a problem enough..I couldn't even log in! Luckily, EGWTP has found a home here on Drunk

I'm still working out a few to change my thumbnail for the comic ><. It's not very I did make another…80 x 100 like the requirements say…but it doesn't work! It's a JPEG image..but for some reason it just wont take. Ah well..hopefully I'll figure it out somehow @_@.

Anyway! I hope you all enjoy the comic! Be prepared for a much deeper story which the introduction of Ophelia and some other characters! It's all so exciting..
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