Daily Projects - 2.8.2007
WingNut at 1:10PM, Feb. 8, 2007
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Oh Tablet, why are you so hard to grasp?

Ok, current opus is BACKGROUNDS. Backgrounds are fiendishly hard, and that bothers me. Besides, I still haven't settled into a definite style for what I want to do. BUT, luckily boys and girls, I do have an example. Somewhere, where eventually, I want to be.

Check this out.

This was done by the ever talented Finwick who draws The Realms of Aegis. Check his stuff out if you haven't yet, the man is incredible. So, that said, I've got my goal. Somewhere along those lines. But, I'm also trying to learn how to digitally speed paint. A fun trick, if you can get it down. This is also helping me to get a better grasp of the tablet, and it's capabilities. A good warm up is to see what you're capable of doing in 15 minutes. Set a timer, grab your tablet, and go at it. It's a really fun exercise and it has yielded some fun pictures for me.

Both of those were done in 15 minutes or less, I hope to be able to digitally paint all of the backgrounds that I'll use in my comics, but lineart is still a valid option. Still playing around, seeing what I can do.

Eventually tho, I just get fed up, and make another background for all you ravenous fans out there. ;)



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acadia at 8:34AM, Feb. 9, 2007
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<3 tablet painting. I guess you and I seem to be at the same point in our quest for tablet mastery. I usually dont work on landscape/background painting, though. I often end up just making it into an anatomy study or a portrait.

My speed paintings usually end up like this:

10 minute limit:

15 minute limit:

And a quick 30 minute portrait for a friend:

I should probably start workin on landscapes, eh?

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WingNut at 9:49AM, Feb. 9, 2007
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Holy COW man, that portrait is AMAZING!

And you did that in 30 minutes? Seriously, that looked real when I first saw it.
Most impressive my friend, most impressive indeed. ;)

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