Lexcore-ness! w00t!

Newwww layout! Hurrah!
MuriraRK at 7:35PM, March 20, 2007
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W00t! So I copied over the layout I have over at Smack Jeeves to here. Looks nifty, yeah? Most of the pages in the navigation lead back to Smack Jeeves, since I keep forgetting to load the HTML files here. ^_^" So yup! New layout!

I have just one more final to go , and then I can get to updating Lexcore. WhoooOOoOoOOOOOOoo! It's so exciting . XD

Maybe I should start hosting One Day here. Whoo?

I kinda wonder how many people faved Lexcore here. Am I being stupid and missing a thingy somewhere in the comic management that tells you? Cuz I like to know things like this. Ahahaha. And thanks to the people who comment! I love comments !

Things to do:
+ Copy over the HTML files x_X
+ Update t3h friggin' Lexcore
+ Update t3h friggin' Scheme Bunny
+ Update t3h friggin' Snape-ish Harry Potter comic
+ Buy Copic markers to do Anime Expo art with
+ Get my friend to give me Flash MX ^_^'
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slimredninja at 8:25AM, April 8, 2007
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Great looking comic very nice stuff.Happy Easter!!!!
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