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gothicpoet at 6:01PM, April 16, 2007
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as you all have known or seen that TI has grown into its own project, with the original total insanity comic then TI the anfri story (aka anfri's story) and now the project that's proving to be a bitch, TI Life Stories.

but first of with some news for you fans, last year about this time i had a contest of fanart that was only open to the close friends of mine. well this year i'm doing the same thing, but taking it a bit father this time, i'm extending the contest to the general public and making it not just fanart, but also fanfiction as well. you guys can post it in the forums that i have set up (in fact its a requirement because i can keep track of it better… XD lol) the deadline for this will be JUNE 23rd 2007!! the prize???

for first place will be an appearance of yourself or a character from one of your comics (your choice).

second prize is: a mention in the comic.

third is: same as the second prize.

(if there are no more then two entries i'll do it the same as last year, no one wins but gets a mention in my comic) SO SEND THOSE FANFICTION AND/OR FANART SOON!

anything later… will not be accepted into the contest. but as always i love reading fanfiction and looking at fanart you all give me.

The only rules i have for the contest are:

1. no bashing gay people
2. no self promotion
4. no bondage porn. (if you don't know what i mean don't bother asking me)
5. have fun with it. (but don't go crazy)
6. no violience (meaning cutting off limbs, or any other body parts)
7. no vomiting poses…that's just gross…
8. blood and injuries are permitted but they can not be so severe that a body part is hanging off by simply strands of flesh or bone.

moving on, TI's plot is going to get alittle interesting and things will heat up soon (trust me, i know i've alreadly sketched the issue)

also a notice for my irregular posting for almost a month now. that's simple school's winding down for me and i don't have much time in between to do ANYTHING between school and being bitched at my little sister for SOMETHING!! (she's 14 years old what can ya do?) i'll try to update soon i promise!! (just might be another week or so XD)

well i think that about covers it for now…
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