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probably on hold until further notice
gothicpoet at 10:49AM, Feb. 22, 2007
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this is probably going to be an anual thing until i graduate high school, but is about that time of year where i have to do the FCAT (a state standardized testing) or it affects all of my classes. yeah its THAT “important” that it decides wheither i pass or fail high school (reguardless of my grades)

but since i am stressed out ALOT during this time i may be not updating until after the test and mid-terms are over (they are back to back btw) unless i do it ahead of time (which i have been doing since the first of the year)

so i'm sorry loyal TI fans but… well i just wanted to give you a heads up ahead of time.

EDIT: also due to the lovely recent factor of me being sick with a cold and/or allergies… @_@ and the pounds of cold/allergy meds that i am taking… i'm afraid that i won't be able to make another issue until after the school chaos is over and i'm feeling better.

you can enjoy TI's old memories and/or wait for the issues plus new fanart that is coming out this month (which again was done ahead of time)
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wickedhatter at 7:36PM, Feb. 22, 2007
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Aw, poop. :( Oh well, good luck! ^_^ School is more important than comics anyway.
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bomberanian at 2:42PM, March 11, 2007
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Standardized tests suck sooo bad, and are totally useless. For some reason, I had to take the CAT5, even though I've never lived in California. O.o;; I've never known a state standardized test to affect your ability to pass. O.o;; Here, the MEAPs are useless, and just gives the state some reason to yell at the teachers for ‘not doing their job.’ Go figure. –;;

Anyway, Good Luck. And I hope you feel better. ^^
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