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Character Profile: Rani Valentino
Aurora Moon at 8:10AM, Feb. 6, 2007
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Rani, our resident lovable Demi-god!

Name: Rani Valentino
Age: a little over 350 years old, looks 18 psychically.

Appearance: light gold hair, flawless light peach skin, grass green eyes.

Personality: tends to have a big ego on himself, due to being an demi-god. However being Half-human he does have his own human side, where he cares about the humans around him. He's the sort that would prefer to look on the bright side and try to stay positive about everything rather than dwell on the bad news.
He also hates having to give people bad news, and will attempt to beat around the bush by talking about other things in order to avoid the subject.
He's a big believer in Justice coming around to those who deserves it.
Sometimes he takes stupid and unnecessary risks due to the fact that he has regeneration powers and eternal youth combined, making him pretty much almost immortal… removing his fear of death.

History: He was born on Mount Olympus, into the family of the Greek Gods. The romans call his father “Cupid”, Aphrodite's son. Rani's mother was an Mortal woman who fell in love with cupid… however she died in childbirth as seeing her pregnancy was much more potent than an normal pregnancy! Her death could not be helped despite the fact that she had been transported to Mount Olympus and to be helped by Aphrodite in giving birth… Cupid took the son and raised him along with the help of his father Aphrodite. Rani was considered one of the gods as soon as he was able to develop unusual powers that most Half-mortals wouldn't have… was even worshiped in a small section of Greece as the “God of Romance”. mortals often consulted him in making all their hopes of romance come true, although the actual love part they left up to Cupid and Aphrodite.
However, Rani's happy life was not to last. The gods were attacked by the Queen of Darkness, who wanted them out of the way so that they would not be able to help the mortals of Greece as she conquered the land. She killed almost half of them, inducing Rani's father! The rest fled into the underworld, the only place that they would be safe. Rani never really forgave The dark queen for that, and trained in secret in hopes of killing her… when he heard of Karla Lun organizing an war against her, he signed up in the hopes of getting that opportunity to serve raw justice upon her.

In the present, He struggles to try to live life as an normal human.

Any questions about Rani?
I'm on hitatus while I redo one of my webcomics. Be sure to check it out when I'n done! :)
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