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kingofsnake at 7:46AM, Feb. 6, 2007
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I'm starting up round 2 of the comic remix projet. For everyone who doesn't know what the project is but is interested here's a link to the project website for the last round. The idea is that a comic will have a totally different feel when simply drawn by another artist. Each participant is randomly assigned a comic to remix. They are allowed to change absolutely everything, except the writing. Panel layout, tone, camera angles, style of characters, all of this can be changed. As long as it's immaterial to the actual script everyone is given full artistic liscence to reinvent their assignment as much as they see fit. Here are a couple examples of some people who captured the idea of the remix project best.

Lost Invisible remixed by Mort
Clench&Cheese remixed by Rebound
USFDS remixed by Whirlwynd
Wolf remixed by Terminal
Pornography for the Soul remixed by Tantz Aerine

Unnessecarily Specific Guidelines:
Sign ups are until the last day in February 23rd.
All participants are randomly assigned to other comics
exceptions: ~Anyone who participated in previous remixes will not be remixed by the same person, will not have the same person to remix, and will not be remixing the person who remixed them
~Each person is allowed one “blackball” one comic which they're allowed to specifically request not to be assigned to. ~Let me know your “blackball” if you have one via PQ when you sign up. I strongly suggest everyone take advantage of this policy.
~No one will be assigned to remix the same comic that is remixing them in this round.
~Each participant will be PQed with the comic they've been assigned to on February 26th.
~Each participant must PQ me in response by March 5th with a link to the specific page that they are going to remix. No one can remix a page that has been remixed in a previous round.
~Each remix is due by April 5th. It should be emailed to me at with “Comic Remix” in the subject line.
~Between March 5th and April 5th the project website will be updated with each original comic and a link to it's owner's website.
~On April 12th the project website will be updated with all remixed comics, which will occur following their original counterpart, with a link to the remixer.

Please remember that the April 5th deadline is just that, the day you absolutely need to get it finished by. I strongly urge everyone to get theirs done as soon as possible. If there are any dropouts, or people who believe that they MAY dropout I need to know ASAP, please don't wait till the last minute and/or just stop responding to me.

If anyone feels like they are both willing and able to pull extra work and drawn more than one strip, please let me know and I'll add you to a special list. I can garuntee that I have extra work that will need to be done, even if there are no last minute dropouts. I can't garuntee any additional reward except extra props and linkage on the project page, but if I can swing something I'll do what I can.

The last remix project reached 1390 hits on Christmas day. Which I suspect is far more than the sum of it's parts. It's a real fun project to both both draw and be drawn. Last round there were 26 participants, some with really wild varying styles. I'd love to see this round top it!

Finally comic qualifications to enter:
1) You have to have at least 20 pages in your archives. It's a new rule but it's just not fair for the person who is being assigned to you if they only have 6 pages to choose from.
2)No sprite comics. I don't like to be one of the guys who is prejudice against sprite comics, but this is a project for artists. Again it isn't fair to the comic you would be remixing.
3)No dropouts. If you dropped out in a previous round (after comics have been assigned)you can not sign up for any future rounds. If you would like for me to make an exception for you, contact me. I may be willing to bend the rules but you'll definately have to do extra work before I even assign someone to remix you.


1. KingofSnake - Children at Play
2. Tantz Aerine - Wolf*
3. Terminal - LAX: Light Motion Dreams
4. ProfessorF - FantastiTeam
5. Fern - BFF
6. Whirlwynd - 20 Galaxies
7. Zac - The New Lucifer
8. Glenoneill - Spooned
9. Radec - South of Sanity
10. Stardusty - Caggage
11. Reboundcomic - Rebound*
12. CZWeig - Mastermind BTRN
13. carollhach - Clench & Cheese
14. Pink Diapers - Changing Worlds*
15. Darth Mongoose - FanDanGo
16. Jimmy Joser - Impulse 101
17. Greenbot - The Adventure of Eggy and Bacon
18. I Hate Dirt - Bird and Worm
19. Suzi - Greater than Colon 0
20. Wingnut - Acquired Taste
21. WillowWanderer - Stupidity in Magic
22. CommonSense - Common Sense
23. dracco - Like Fish in Water
24. migrayn - migrayn
25. Kxela - Lost Invisible
26. pshumate - girl/robot
27. Green Tangerine - This Ego of Mine
28. Sage - Blip
29. False Gods - Palestra
30. Mort - Caves and Critters
31. hysellt - Moot Point
32. Aquang - Naive
33. Caliber - Free JammN
34. Ian Jay - Try Everything Once
35. Rydel6 - Return Zero
36. Dime360 - The Devils of New York
37. Lily Rose - Too Bitter for Words
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Greenbot at 4:48PM, Feb. 6, 2007
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Hey man sign me up I just got i 50 pages and my comics are pretty simple so it shouldn't be a problem.
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Radec at 9:17PM, Feb. 7, 2007
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Eh, hell.
sign me up.
I really enjoyed it last time, but by Odin's multicolored pantaloons, if I don't get a remix this time, I'm going to throw stuff at you!

or sit here and sulk.


I'll be doing it for South of Sanity.
<= dead and buried.
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kingofsnake at 2:32PM, Feb. 16, 2007
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Hey everyone! sign ups close a week from today!

Also remember to get in your blackball if you have one!
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CorruptComics at 8:50AM, Feb. 23, 2007
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I wish I could sign up for this as I would love to see how my comics would if they were done by a real artist, but for the sake of me not destroying someone's own beloved characters me and my digital doom will simply read from a distance.

From behind a truck.
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kingofsnake at 8:05PM, Feb. 25, 2007
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Ok, it took me like 2 hours but everyone should have received their assignment in a PQ.

Anyone with questions, complaints, or who didn't get it should PQ me.
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