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Dumok at 8:39AM, July 24, 2007
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A Call to Destiny: “Intruige” in Atlantis has started where Jaren Is asked to Help an old girlfriend stay alive long enough to get married, even though She really doesnt want to go through with the wedding. In the process of Getting Help for Vim, Jaren & Babh are given a strange offer by a Wizard from the Emadrin School (Hillarity Ensues).
WarMage: The Battle continues between Warmage, Tengu and the Inquisitor, which will eventually lead to a Cross over with Evil Overlords United, Yes, the Crossover Wars will invade WarMage In August.
Monster Lover: The Party Makes their way to Banun and wind up having their own problems…
Adult Comic Remix This is the remix for Artist who create titles above the M rating. Don't forget to check out how your favorite Porn web comics are reinterpreted through another artist's eyes. So far it's been Real Kick Ass!!!
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