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A Call to Destiny Meeting Mister Whitemane is Out now!
Dumok at 10:31AM, Dec. 9, 2008
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Previously on A Call to Destiny Reloaded: Jaren and the crew decided to take some much needed R&R after bringing in the rogue wizard Solen Jith. While Jaren and Vim went out on a date at a restaurant, Jaren heard a voice from his past; Black Alice, the captain who had abandoned him in the Underworld during his training. She managed to convince him to delay blowing her brains out long enough to tell him that there was a bounty on his head by Rivka’s father. While Jaren was rather annoyed by this discovery, He decided to not kill Black Alice and head immediately return to Lemuria where he decided to initiate a very risky plan to keep Rivka from marrying some useless Scum-bag from her Book and Download
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