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Monster Lover Turmoil in Two Rivers is Out Now!
Dumok at 10:58AM, Dec. 3, 2008
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Previously; on Monster Lover: Adam and the crew had accepted the Arch-Mage’s Mission to travel to the temple of Nekro-Gaara to investigate what the Gnolls there were doing. They managed to infiltrate the temple when they had found the Gnoll general called “White-Nose” preparing to sacrifice none other than Pasha Rashkajani, the trainer of Kauron, the Centaur that Taura humiliated in the first round of the tournament. A grueling battle ensued, and just when the party looked like it was going to easily trounce White-Nose, He pulls out the “Chaos Death Touch” to use on Taura. Thinking quickly, Adam deflects the powerful spell and demands to parlay with White-Nose. Once they were alone, White-Nose confided that, while he did intend to resurrect a great Oni General, He also knew that the Arch-Mage of Abun-Sudh would send in adventurers to try and stop him. White-Nose also admitted that while Adam was quite inexperienced, The Gnoll respected the young trainer’s quick thinking and teleported away. Adam then left with the party back to Abun-Sudh and then prepared for a trip to the town of Two-Rivers, where…
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