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WarMage 8 parker Bailey Can't Lose!
Previously on WarMage: Llewllyn endured a Horrendous beating and a savage rape by the Villain named Bitter-Sweet, who was trying to get Llewllyn to join her mysterious boss. During that time He was told that He was in a web-comic, at first he was unable to believe it but eventually He attained Web-Comic Awareness. Using this new found ability he drew upon the magical energies of various web-comics to liberate himself and defeat Bitter-Sweet, the cost however was that she claimed to have destroyed the Armor of Rama, leaving him without his Dowry from Kriti.
Now: It’s been a couple of weeks since the kidnapping, and Llewllyn had been laying low, However, His fellow covener, Shadow Raven, managed a very special surprise for him.
Guest Starring: Parker Bailey from Dasien
and the Rival Angels!
Shadow-Root 3: Guests and Consequences
Last time: Branwen Mac-Balor had faced a young man who was transformed into a tentacle monster by a mysterious girl named Jenny Hanover. After defeating the creature, Branwen was then confronted by an Amazon who made him a proposal; while he did not want to giver her an answer yet, He invited the Amazon and her lover to his home as a gesture of hospitality. In the Mean time, Casey and Agatha Hotchkiss went into town to do some shopping when they met up with a fomorian female named Cethlionna who was rather upset with Branwen for not calling her when he came home.
Now: Branwen brings the Amazon and her partner home where things get a little bit interesting! What does the Amazon want with Branwen and will Cethlionna Give him a hard time when she sees him?

Monster Lover: Temple of Necrogaara
Last time on Monster Lover, Adam Defeated a cruel and incompetent dwarf trainer in a lightning fast battle. He was then called to see the Arch-Mage and Lady Kami. They left him with a choice between finishing the contest or Going on a mission for the good of Avellos….To track down and defeat the Gnoll named “White Nose”.

A Call to Destiny Reloaded: Black Alice, Herald of Drama
Guest Starring Janet and Suzie from “I was Kidnapped by Lesbian Pirates from Outer Space”
Last time we met Jaren Gaal, a Mercenary who was sent to find and capture the wizard Solen Jith. In this Episode, Jaren finally meets up with Black Alice, the captain who abandoned him in the underworld; Will he be able to get some measure of Revenge or will she have other plans?

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