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Drawing. Not Drawing
mapaghimagsik at 5:30PM, March 20, 2007
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How long does it take me to draw?

I don't draw. I render.

I use a 3D animation program called Animation Master ( Gala is a stock model, with some tweaking by me to make her a little friendlier to work with in the ways that I work with her. She's the best ‘stock’ model provided, and pretty modifyable. Animation Master works with models, cameras, lights, and layers, just like cel animation studios. Just its all computer stuff.

It takes me about a half hour to lay out the characters. I cheat with Ahnold. He's just a head. He can't be posed other than positioned, so everything has to be said in text, and with angling his head.

Now the fog effect is actually an effect you can apply with Animation Master cameras. However, the fog is normally a uniform grey, that gets denser the further out you go. To get the effect I have (I wasn't looking for it, it just sorta fell on me). I used GIMP to create a cloud pattern and then applied the cloud image on the fog on the camera. Then I use a red light right beneath Ahnold, and tell the light to behave like you see a flashlight in fog do – fill up the volume, and not just light whatever is in its path.

Its a cool effect, and took maybe 10 mintues to put together, and I use it over and over.
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