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On the verge of returning...again...
shallow15 at 7:08AM, Aug. 19, 2010
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One of the major problems being someone who is more comfortable with the keyboard than the mouse when creating a webcomic is finding someone to collaborate with who you genuinely enjoy working with, gets what you're trying to do with the project, and can translate your words into fantastic artwork that people enjoy.

I've lucked out with Ken, whom I've known now for almost eleven years…jesus, has it been that long? Ken's art is phenomenal and has just the right mix of cartoonish sexiness and detail that I wanted for “Chastity Daniels.”

Unfortunately, Ken lives in another state and with our work schedules we don't get to communicate all that often, except when he's at work, which is not the most conducive atmosphere for creativity…well, it can be but the boss usually frowns on it.

Additionally, his scanner exploded a while back and he hasn't been able to afford to replace it. I mean, this is basically a hobby project for both of us and pretty much when we don't have the equipment we need, the comic suffers.

Hence why it's been almost 18 months since there was an update.

But, in the words of Prof. Hubert Farnsworth, there's good news, everyone! Ken has a finished a mess of pages and I'm back to writing the script. All that is standing in our way is getting said pages scanned, the word balloons added and the pages uploaded to DD. This should hopefully be happening in the next week or so. Keep watching this space…Chastity Daniels isn't dead. She's just on life support.


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