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edgarallanpoo at 3:20PM, April 28, 2007
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I decided to make a thread about my upcoming projects. This way, you'll know about my new projects before they hit your local comic shops.

Just one I can talk about right now:


“The Basement” by Dwight L. MacPherson (Dead Men Tell No Tales) and illustrated by Grant Bond (Revere)

When Agnes Beecham's 9-year-old daughter Rosa began telling fantastic stories about a visitor from another planet living in the basement, she dismissed them as childhood oneirism. One day, however, Rosa's father Michael decided to step into the basement to investigate and returned a vegetable. The doctors told Agnes her husband had suffered a stroke, but Rosa knew it was the man in the basement who made her father a helpless invalid. In the days that followed the incident, Rosa began drawing pictures of strange flying objects and telling her mother the man in the basement wished to take her to his home – and then she mentioned the name Aleister Crowley.

Read the article in its entirety right here:

Gene also mentions the book and my name here:

I'm currently finishing up an interview about “The Basement” which I will post in this thread when it goes live.

Thanks for reading–and I hope you give “House of Horrors” a chance! I've read the other stories and I believe HOH will be the horror anthology of the year!

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Hellstorm at 6:02AM, July 3, 2007
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Check out our latest podcast for an interview with none other than Dwight McPherson & Grant Bond regarding their story in the upcoming comic anthology ‘Gene Simmons House of Horrors’.

Direct Download:

Podcatcher feed:

iTunes Link:

You can find us online at:

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