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TFSU Edge at 12:13PM, June 8, 2007
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We gather here today to mourn the passing of TFSU. But lets face it, the comic sucks. It's not a bad comic in itself, and if it was a M-W-F comic, it would actually be pretty good. However, because of my lack of ideas, and Iota's laziness or whatever it is, the comic is limited to once a month updates, and we both have no real insparation to continue with the comic.

SO! We've decided to go on an indefinite hiatus. I dunno if we'll ever pick the comic back up again or not, who knows. But for now the comic is over.

Here's basically what was going to happen next, for anyone who wants to know: Basically, the script went like this

Panel 1
Edge: I'm gonna go Kenshiro on your ass…
Panel 2
Panel 3
Edge: This hand of mine GLOWS WITH AN AWESOME-
Customer: Excuse me…
Panel 4
Edge: What? I'm in the middle of killing here.
Customer: Do you have any extra PS2 controllers in stock?
Panel 5
Customer: Hey, thanks!
Panel 6 - The manager sees
Manager: Oh my god? A Satisfied customer! That man…can he be the one spoken of in the Prophecies ? I can't pass up this chance.
Panel 7
Manager: Hey, how'd you like to work here?
Panel 8

After that, Edge gloated to Iota, who told Edge that he had gotten a job as well. However, upon going to work that day, Iota was prompty fired for some reason. The arc was going to end there, with Edge supporting the two and saving the day, and then the comic was going to go on to introduce some of the other characters, since people wanted to see more characters than just Iota and Edge. However, with the extreme lack of updates and motivation, the comic is pretty much dead anyway.

I don't know if me and Iota are going to try another comic or not. Iota seems interested in drawing another project of mine, which I wrote part of sometime last month. Perhaps we'll move onto that, and hopefully that won't die as well. Or, maybe we'll just stop with the whole comic thing altogether.

Now then. If anyone feels like saying anything (“NO, PLZ DON'T END COMIC EGDE” or “Well, the comic was cool, but I guess it had to die” or “Who fucking cares, TFSU sucked, go get laid Edge”) feel free to do so now.

See ya around, folks.
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