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Opening up WarMage for Crossovers
Dumok at 10:51AM, Feb. 12, 2008
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Okay so I am opening up warmage for possible crossover and Cameos, I am considering doing something like “The Brave and the Bold” or “Marvel Two in One”, so I want to make an Opportunity to get their character featured in WarMage, and See their character as a download or a possible print copy. (You will get full credit of course).
If you have an “Adult”, “Modern” Comic or one with Dimensional travel. then Let me know via PQ and we can work something out. Can include Villians, Heroes, or even Characters you haven't really thought much about!
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MOrgan at 10:55PM, Feb. 16, 2008
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The Heroic -)

Can't really top the name Marvel Two In One since it already sounds like a three-way. :D
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