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Are there any subjects or themes you won't touch?
kennatsu at 3:19AM, Dec. 30, 2007
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For me personally it would be incest of any kind. A lot of Hentai manga loves touching the stuff, but I don't think I want to try it. The famous webcomic Sexy Losers comes awfully close, though… (the mother and son storylines).

What about you guys?
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Kohdok at 10:25AM, Dec. 30, 2007
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I'll never do the gross stuff, like unko, not even on request, unless the price is right (At least $100, probably).

Ewww… I don't know why that stuff exists.

Dood, I forgot this forum existed anymore!
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MOrgan at 1:46AM, Jan. 1, 2008
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I don't have a problem with fictional incest, but when I hear about a case of real incest, “Eeeew, yuck!” Go fig? Baffles me.

I stay away from anything involving underage people in sexual situations.

I can't understand why anyone draws snuff & won't do it. (There was one guy on ABPECO-A who used to do those kind of pics *shudder* Learned the hard way not to click on any of his posts.)

For me, Vore falls under snuff.

I'm not a fan of rape pics (although I have drawn a few rape cartoons, so I guess I did touch that one).

I'm really baffled by all the people who seem to enjoy cartoons of superheroines getting captured & humiliated/brutalized/raped. Apparently there are several such websites that cater to that fetish. Ugh!
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Reashi at 2:40AM, Jan. 1, 2008
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well taboo is only taboo because it exists outside the norm of our culture

personally i would never do certain themes unless it was absolutely necessary to the story i am trying to tell.

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lothar at 12:32AM, Jan. 13, 2008
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theres plenty of stuff i won't do, mainly because i don't feel that what i'm doing now is realy “fetish” it's just sex ,it's from nature , and society is the one with the problem ! all the realy twisted fetishes are a result of society repressing peoples natural inclinations …
. does that make any sense. ?
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Reashi at 12:59AM, Jan. 14, 2008
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absolutely, the deviant is only that way because society says he is, the necessity for the self is to acquire and identity unique to your geographic area, thus you will deviate, how far you deviate is exponential to the amount of social taboo a given society dictates is such, thus you draw and like what may not be seen as good in the eyes of society, but subconsciously you crave uniqueness by seeking something that is not ultimately seen as status quo.

So you are who you are and as long as you don't hurt no one that don't want to be hurt, then fuck everyone else

-happy dance now-
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Sticky Sheets at 8:41PM, April 27, 2009
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I can do anything. I want to do a lot of weird things (and for the record, a lot of normal things too). Sometimes the more taboo the subject the sexier I find it to write and draw about. I mean, most people just dislike incest because, lets face it, who the hell wants to have sex with someone THAT bloody annoying? “Your brother is your best friend” and who doesn't want to have sex with their best, opposite gendered friend?

Or same gender (can't say I hate the gay!)

For me on DD though, I'll try and please the biggest crowd with Fay Goop, my soon-to-be erotic fantasy. The most perverse thing I'll do in it (so far) will be massive quantities of cum.

I love cum. Cuuuuu~m. Cum shouldn't be thought of as a degrading substaaaa~nce. Please enjoy your cum. If cum is not enjoyable, please eat more sugars, specifically peaches and apples and the like. Repeat until satisfied.

You can also turn orange by eating carrots!

-happy dance with Reashi-
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