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Thoughts on our desires of certain anatomy...
kennatsu at 3:13PM, July 9, 2007
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Sorry. Couldn't think of a better title. Anyways…

Now I know that men love breasts (of course I'd know. I'm a guy %D). Well, most men do. And for some, the bigger they are, the better. For me, though… If the breasts look unnaturally large as if the woman had something done on them to enhance their size, it's a real turnoff. Granted there are some naturally endowed women out there. Still, some women get jobs done where her breasts are a third the size of her body (well, that's how they look to me). That's just… eww… In fact, Pr0nGirl is my take on that thing. Open up her bra and her breasts burst out. Next time I fear that her breasts may bust out of the comic panel…

Not sure what women think of penises, but I think they don't like guys who've got ones that are 12“ long. I mean… doesn't the length hurt them more? I used to laugh at guys who got into a chatroom claiming to have ”twenty inches of lovin' for all the ladies“. My usual response would be to ask if they ever pass out when they see some hot lady walking by. I bet to get that 20” to stand up all the blood that's supposed to go to the brain drains out.

Okay. I think I've rambled enough. Time to start packing for my trip to the mainland United States (namely California) for a weeks vacation.

“shoves his favorite ”Dodge Charger SRT8" T-shirt into his suitcase*
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lothar at 5:56PM, July 9, 2007
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Breasts are great, dont get me wrong , but , it's all about legs ! short skirts and knees !!! it's a hell of a lot harder for me to draw a good looking set of legs than it is to draw a Big Rack ! legs are like the runway for where the action happens, like a diving board or something, feet too , and ears , well, actually if i keep going i'm gunna end up nameing every part of the body !
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tea_green at 7:03PM, July 9, 2007
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I like long legs on a guy. They seem to catch my attention.
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