Final Smashes
Coveinant at 6:20PM, March 12, 2008
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Ok, since the next tourney is in SSBB, I thought maybe we all should post our final smashes. If this ok with Ryu, otherwise just ignore this thread.

Coveinant final smash: Ultimate form
I get struck by struck by bolt of lighting, where I change to my ultimate form. For little time I stay and fight in this form ,there's a time limit and when the clock runs out I use my ultimate attack (just to let you know this is one panel, just make the background white). This comes at a cost to me though, I receive 100% damage and I revert to my original form (this is the form I looked like before I became a Reploid; and yes this is like Samus's final)

Coveinant(he's called King in this form) normal final smash: Model CXS, I use model CXS and fight in this form. After powering down, I return to normal.

Oh and here is the smash ball, sorry it's the smallest I could get.
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Dan the Man at 9:40AM, March 13, 2008
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Jynx Final Smash:Rainbow Wheel.
Jynx Puts On A Pair Of Rainbow Glasses, And Then He Lets Out A Mighty Wheel Of Rainbow Lasers, In This Order Of Power:Red, Orange, Yellow, Green, Blue, Indigo And Violet.Oh, And It Rips Through Platforms.
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Ryu_The_Fox at 3:07PM, March 13, 2008
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Totally okay with this. Good Idea coveinant. :)
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omegasonic0 at 3:15AM, March 14, 2008
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Zach's Final Smash:Chaos Beam

Shoots level encompassing beam, that leaves any one hit, feeling cofused. Also causes me damage proportional to damage it caused.
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jagular at 2:34AM, March 20, 2008
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mine is my scythe barrage. i use my dragon gem to swirl my scythe around my at super fast speeds.
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Altimas at 6:15AM, March 22, 2008
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Altimas' Final Smash: A.L.T.I.M.A.T.I.U.M.

Description: Three Sabers fuse with Altimas' saber, causing an aura around the saber (which is now a white-ish color), Altimas then unleashes an attack called “Saber Strutter” which is a series of mach speed slashes (they don't even have to be shown, for all you know, they're so fastm that it looks like he's standing still)

At the end, he reverts to Casual Altimas, which is 30% weaker than plain Altimas

However, he CAN transform into any of his forms after 1 minute

…yea, that's it

I like to be VERY specific :D
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Rage Nakasa at 6:32PM, March 25, 2008
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Shadow's is Ice brage (Please excuse misspelling…)

He dose a normal sword attack on the oppoent in to the air (He must hit them, If he dosen't this attack fails.) then the oppoent is hit by hurnderds of Ice Spikes then is Hit by the Ice Dragon. This sends them off shreen.

Rage's is Magma Flame.

He hits the oppoent with one Fireblast that traps them in place then a afterimage shows up on the other side and then both sides lanchs Mutlable Fireblasts at the oppoent. (This move must also hit or will fail)
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chicharones at 4:32PM, April 3, 2008
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lets see a final smash. oh wait i already got it.

hombre lobos wave: a massive destructive strike that takes the form of 4 spirit wolfs lunging at an opponent. very destructive and something i already made. will leave him human for a while, but will revert after some time.
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mario at 3:43PM, April 4, 2008
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My final smash (i dont konw if im going to be in or not) is that green ball on my sprite sheet.
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yoshi freak at 3:07PM, April 28, 2008
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here's ulraman's and yoshstar's final smashes final smash.PNG final.png
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FrostFire at 9:20AM, July 29, 2009
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Final smash

Spaak(my charie) charges and then blasts a powerful blast of electric energy, dealing major damage, paralyzing the enemy and slowing them for a while.
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